The CRAFT Program helps you help your loved one with their addiction challenges

Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is an evidence-based, scientifically validated method designed to help family members get their loved ones into treatment, using a positive, non-confrontational approach.


It is based on empowering families to take control of their own lives so that they can more positively impact others.


In studies, families who worked through the CRAFT program had a 70% success rate in engaging their loved ones into treatment, which is more than twice as high a traditional “intervention”.

Serna Solutions LLC offers both individual and group coaching in the CRAFT method. We see clients in person in our Santa Fe office and online through a secure video link. 


CRAFT has helped families with:

• Alcohol Addiction

• Drug Addiction

• Porn/Sex Addiction

• Problem Gambling 

Additionally, family members reported having less depression, anger and anxiety no matter what happens to their loved one.


What makes CRAFT unique?

CRAFT is truly a balanced approach. In CRAFT we try to accomplish two goals simultaneously. We strengthen boundaries and connections at the same time. 


You can be kind, helpful and effective without engaging in enabling behavior. We will show you how.

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