PAMI/Contingency Management



9:00 am
Dec 2
12:00 pm

Contingency management (or CM) is a longstanding form of behavior therapy that uses positive reinforcement to encourage clients to achieve treatment goals. Positive reinforcement is a behavioral concept with a strong history of research support. Rewarding a behavior soon after it’s been demonstrated tends to encourage repetition of that behavior going forward. It’s a concept that has been used widely in people of all ages and settings, from teachers rewarding kids with stickers for turning in their homework, to a boss who gives their employee a bonus or merit raise for a job well done.

In addiction treatment, this type of reward system can have a similarly powerful impact on clients. Clients are typically rewarded for adherence to treatment – for example, attending required visits, engaging in those visits in a useful way, taking prescribed medications, or remaining substance abstinent. When clients achieve a behavior-related goal, they are rewarded in a tangible way, increasing their motivation to continue in treatment and improve their chances for successful recovery. Research has also found that CM increases morale among both clients and staff, and can help create stronger, more-affirming relationships between clients and their counselors, as well as between staff themselves. (3 CEUS)

Workshop Instructor
Brian Serna LPCC LADAC
Brian Serna, LPCC, LADAC is the CEO/Founder of Serna Solutions and is a well sought after trainer and consultant in behavioral health issues related to Evidence Based Practices, Cultural Considerations and Ethical Issues. He has a BA in Psychology from New Mexico State University and an MA in Counseling from the University of New Mexico. Mr. Serna has trained and consulted with programs in over twenty different states, five different countries, and sixteen different tribal communities. In addition to his role as the CEO of Serna Solutions he is also the Director of the Addictions, Abuse and Recovery Certificate at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM is the current President of NAADAC New Mexico and has been appointed to serve on Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Council on Racial Justice in the Health Subcommittee.

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