Neurobiology of Trauma



9:00 am
Nov 3
4:00 pm
Nov 4

Interoceptive engagement, the capacity to kindly witness, engage, and report the condition of the body, is a skill that – when developed – can foster a direct and powerful form of psychophysiological recovery. It can form the foundation for a common language of self-expression; one less susceptible to the pitfalls of misaligned interpretation. It can improve our capacity to connect with our own experience through a compassionate lens, while it enhances our capacity to do the same with others. Most importantly, this skill can assist us in the achievement of these aims beneath what thoughts and words alone can provide. This training will include an exploration of neurobiological research, experiential exercises, and practical applications meant to support clients and ourselves in the development of such interoceptive skills. (12 CEUs)


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