Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT)



9:00 am
Jan 10
4:00 pm
Jan 11

CRAFT is the only evidence-based program to assist families that are challenged by addiction. It uses an overall positive approach and steers clear of any confrontation. CRAFT is a culturally sensitive program that works with families to positively influence the behavior of the person with an active addiction. The program emphasizes learning new skills to cope with old problems. Some of the components include how to stay safe, understand the function of the addiction, and teach caregivers how to use positive reinforcers (rewards) and how to let the substance user suffer the natural consequences for their using behavior. CRAFT research has shown that almost 7 out of 10 people who use the program get their substance user to attend treatment. CRAFT has been shown to be equally effective with Hispanic and Anglo families. (12 CEUs)

This is a paid training and the full 2 Day cost is $265, there will be a noon lunch break during each day of the training. **Registration through Eventbrite is available here:


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