The Family Empowerment Project: Helping Families Address Addiction

Family Empowerment Project
CRAFT Approach

Welcome to The Family Empowerment Project

The Family Empowerment Project is based upon the CRAFT method pioneered by Dr. Robert J. Meyers at the University of New Mexico. This work helps families address addiction while creating a collaborative, culturally relevant circle of care around the individual seeking recovery. It is rooted in behavioral change principles and honest, positive communication between family members.

Brian Serna was trained and mentored by Dr. Meyers and has been helping families address addiction for over twenty years. He and his staff have helped hundreds of New Mexican families in ways that are practical, powerful, and culturally relevant.

How is our program unique?

The Family Empowerment Project is the only program designed to help the family member(s), rather than the person with the addiction. We take a balanced approach that allows families to restore connection and trust, which keeping everyone safe. It is possible to be kind and compassionate while holding boundaries and holding people accountable. We will show you how. 

Is the Family Empowerment Project right for me?

This program is designed to help those who want to help their loved ones, but don’t know how. The three primary goals are to help you help your loved one to reduce or stop their addictive behaviors; get that person to voluntarily go into treatment; and to improve the quality of your life. 

If you feel like you have tried everything, give us a try. 

Next Steps:

Family Empowerment Project Assessment

Family Empowerment Project: Assessment
Have any of these activities increased in your household, or with your family member(s)?
Check all that apply:
If your family member exhibits any of these signs, they may have a substance abuse problem. The Family Empowerment Project can reinforce the deep connections that hold a family together while addressing this destructive behavior without sacrificing core values and traditions held dear.
I completed this self-assessment for:
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Increased use of prescription drugs, beyond what is prescribed

Woman horrified by mess left after party in her apartment, cleaning service

Decline in personal hygiene; neglect of personal responsibilities


Shifts in mood; withdrawal from family unit; avoidance of family members


Increase in defensive behavior and secrecy