Contingency Management



9:00 am
Mar 8
12:00 pm

Contingency Management (CM) is an evidence-based practice in the treatment of alcohol and other drug (AOD) use disorders. It is the systematic reinforcement of desired behaviors and the withholding of reinforcement of undesired behaviors. It is a behavioral intervention grounded in the principles of operant conditioning, a method of learning in which desired behaviors are reinforced with prizes or privileges. Simply stated “when I do a good thing, I get a good thing.” CM studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CM interventions in reducing AOD use; improving treatment attendance; and reinforcing other treatment goals, such as complying with a medication regimen or obtaining employment. This training will provide participants with an overview of the model and practical tools to help them with implementation. (3 CEUs.) A working camera and microphone are required for this training. The cost of this training is $75.

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