Michelle Diggs, LMSW

Michelle Diggs is pursuing her Masters of Clinical Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University.  Her interest in healing started over 20 years ago while studying yoga in inner city Detroit.  She went on to study massage/Chinese medicine and has been practicing massage for the past 12 years in beautiful Santa Fe.  Michelle’s different careers as a teacher, wilderness guide, yoga teacher, massage therapist and international flight attendant have one thing in common, helping people feel comfortable in scary/uncomfortable/ painful situations.  She uses her life experiences to help clients explore their inner landscape with kindness and compassion. Michelle uses a client-centered collaborative approach.  She has training working with adult adoptee’s, young people, people who are experiencing depression, anxiety and PTSD.  She is currently training in DBT, Somatic Therapies and Community Reinforcement Approach.  She believes with all her heart that we all have the right to live a peaceful and engaged life.