Denise Yanez, LMHC

Denise Yanez, MA, LMHC believes each client is a unique individual. Denise adapts her work to address each client’s particular needs. Having been a life coach for many years before becoming a therapist, Denise’s work is strength based and solution focused. As an alumnus of Pacifica Graduate Institute, she also knows the importance of understanding what lies at the root of patterns that repeat, and the places where we get stuck. Her work is trauma informed shifting the focus from “what’s wrong with you?” to “what happened to you?” Denise works with clients of all ages from very young to very elderly, she’s sensitive to cultural and gender issues. In addition to working with individuals, she also sees couples and families. She has worked extensively with adults who experienced childhood abuse. She’s happy to work with clients as long as they need therapy, while realizing that her job is to support clients in moving on from therapy with the insight and emotional tools they need to feel strong, clear, self-confident, and capable of living a fulfilling life.