CRAFT Coaching

Dealing with a loved one who has an addiction leaves most people feeling helpless, confused, and frustrated. Many families try Al-Anon, a peer lead support group that teaches families to accept powerlessness and "compassionate detachment" (i.e. to disengage from the addict). Others attempt the Johnson Institute Intervention (as seen on the television show Intervention) in which friends and family members confront the addict unexpectedly with the pain, shame and embarrassment that the addiction has caused the family. Although well-intentioned, this strategy often has the exact opposite effect causing further alienation and fragmentation in a family.  Yet neither Al-Anon nor the Johnson Institute Intervention effectively tap into the most important resource that loved ones of an addict have. Research shows that it is not shame, detachment or pain that gets addicts to recover; it is love, hope, and connection. It is around this important understanding that the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) approach is based.

The CRAFT approach is an evidence-based (meaning that it has been clinically proven to work) program that has helped families all over the world deal with addictions. Developed by Dr. Robert Meyers CRAFT is a positive, non-confrontational approach to empowering families to take better care of themselves and exert more influence over their loved ones who are struggling with addictions. Instead of detachment CRAFT helps families strengthen attachment so that family members can have a stronger influence in the life of the addict. In opposition to a confrontational surprise party, CRAFT teaches families to use positive interactions to gradually change the behavior of the addicted person. 

Does it work? CRAFT has been proven to work better than both Al-Anon and the Johnson Institute Intervention at getting resistant substance abusers into treatment. In clinical trials 70% of resistant substance abusers seek treatment using positive, non-confrontational methods.  (CRAFT-A Controlled Trial. Miller, Meyers & Tonigan. 1999). It has also been proven to lessen depression, anxiety and anger in families even if their loved one does not get help. For more information about the research behind CRAFT visit:


Brian Serna has been helping families using the CRAFT approach for over 12 years, having been trained and supervised directly by Dr. Robert Meyers. Dr. Meyers and Mr. Serna have trained and consulted with behavioral health programs around the world so that counselors can offer this valuable, research-based approach to families who struggle with addiction.  All of the staff at Serna Solutions LLC are trained and supervised in the CRAFT approach by Brian Serna. Aimee Dale-Lucius is a CRAFT specialist and is accepting referrals for group and/or individual CRAFT sessions now.

CRAFT coaching is offered in person, via video-conference, or by telephone. Coaching sessions cost $90.00 per session.

Email Aimee Dale-Lucius at or call her at (505) 551-5050 to set up a consultation to find out if CRAFT is the right approach for your family. 

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