The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a cognitive-behavioral approach to treating substance abuse problems. It is based on the belief that a persons environment or community places an important role in encourage or discouraging drinking and/or drug use. It relies heavily on positive reinforcement strategies, helping the client to structure his or her life in a way that promotes positive change. It has an extensive research based and is listed as an Evidence Based Practice with the National Registry for Evidence Based Programs and Practices. It has been proven to work with adults and adolescents regardless of substance of abuse (marijuana, alcohol, opiates, cocaine, etc.). 

The Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT) works with family members of a substance abuser (referred to as CSOs) to effectively intervene in the using behavior. This is an non-confrontational approaches that has three goals: 
                1) Improve the life and functioning of the CSO 
                2) Reduce the quantity, frequency and duration of using episodes in the substance abuser
                3) Engage the substance abuser in a treatment program if appropriate. 

CRAFT is an extension of CRA strategies and techniques and teaches CSOs how to use positive reinforcement, allow natural consequences (i.e. dis-able enabling from the family), and improve personal and interpersonal functioning. 

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