Outpatient Counseling Services

Serna Solutions has been provided clinical counseling services since 2001 to individuals, couples and families with a variety of  challenges. Through years of helping people we have found an integrative style that is non-confrontational, yet challenging is the best way to help people to activate their own resources for insight and change.  We blend evidence based practices with humanistic and insight oriented techniques to empower people to reach their goals. 

What are Evidence Based Practices?

Evidence Based Practices are counseling techniques and strategies that have been proven to work. We believe that your time and money are valuable resources and as your counselor we will make the most of both by keeping your sessions focused, and employing the best strategies to help you meet your goals.  

What Does Recovery Mean to You?

Your treatment and your recovery should be as unique as you are. The truth is that you are powerful enough to create your own answers to any problem. My job is to help you access this power so that you can begin to create the life that you want.

Do YOU Need Help? Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you having trouble with anxiety or depression?
  • Would you like to improve your relationship with your partner, child or parent?
  • Do you have an addiction that is causing problems with your work, school or relationships?
  • Are you worried about a loved one who has an addiction and you are not sure what you can do to be helpful without being an “enabler”?
  • Do you feel stuck in patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals or becoming happy?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps we can help. We have a long track record of helping people develop insight, learn skills and find the motivation they need in order to make lasting changes in their lives.

To see if we am the right fit for you please call or email us for a phone consultation.  You can reach me at 505-660-5673 or send me an email at info@sernasolutionsllc.com 

Brian Serna,
Sep 16, 2014, 6:57 AM