Consulting and Training

Brian Serna has consulted with over 100 hundred programs around the globe in helping them implement Evidence Based Practices in the
treatment of addictions and other mental health issues. He specialized in assisting behavioral health programs and clinical staff implement initiatives in a way that adapts them to cultural needs in a community while maintaining fidelity. 

If you would like Mr. Serna to provide training and/or consultation to your group please send him an email at 

Brian Serna providing training on Cultural Issues in Behavioral Health in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia  in July of 2014. This was part of a series of six trainings across Australia on the same subject. 

Brian Serna with a group of trainees in Orange, NSW, Australia in Feb 2012. Mr. Serna spent 2.5 days with the group training them in the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) which is a evidence based practice in the treatment of addictions. 

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